Design and test your token ecosystems stress free.

Ezzayo helps you simulate user behavior for token-based ecosystems before writing a single line of code. 

How it works

Ezzayo leverages a no-code, agent-based simulation approach to unearth potential events that might occur due to specific incentive or ecosystem design parameters.

Test early

Before writing any code, test your code design loop by inserting and playing around with various parameters in your system. 

Better decision making

Make well-informed design decisions by understanding how one modification might change the total outcome of your ecosystem.

Fine tune your product

Calibrate your assumptions and stress-test by simulating across various configurations and "users", as defined by you.

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The Team

Samarth Shyam

Co-founder and CEO

Sam has a background in Business management. For the better part of the last decade he has invested in and founded various blockchain and digital transformation ventures. Among some of his projects and partnerships include Etihad Airways, Qiibee, Near It, Tokenance, Etisalat and Davra.

Agrim Singh

Co-founder and CTO

Agrim has a background in Computer Science and most recently worked as a hacker-in-residence with Citi Ventures, building products from the ground up for various parts of the institutional business. Previously, he made a living doing hackathons and worked across AI, Computer Vision and web3/music.