About us

We're reimagining how we validate & stress-test tokenomics

We’re at the crossroads in the web3 world - the world recognizes the potential the technology holds while simultaneously battling the need for regulation and clamping down on what makes web3 special. We feel there is a middle-ground where web3 can flourish without exposing users to the harms that come with unaudited projects and now is as good a time as any to actively shape the future of this industry, and that starts with Ezzayo.


We (Sam and Agrim) come together are the perfect combination of a technically-minded CEO who has operated in the web3 world as an investor and operator with clients such as Etihad Airways and Qiibee, as well as a commercially-minded CTO who has not only built in the web3 world but also spent the last few years building institutional-grade products for Citi which have become either become core projects or led to strategic external investments. Our team-profile allows us to see the complete picture through various lenses and uniquely positions us to be the team to solve the problem we’ve identified.


the simplest staging platform for your tokenomics